Anzu Hinata is a character from the spin-off manga Tokyo Mew Mew Olé!, and a main protagonist of the series. She is a second year high school student and Natsume's niece.


Tokyo Mew Mew Olé!

Anzu is first introduced as a very "particular" type of girl who is unconcerned with boys or love; she is very interested in Red Data Animals and is seen looking up pictures of Komodo Dragons rather than fawning over Aoi Shibuya like her fellow classmates. She lives alone with her biologist aunt, Natsume, who convinces her to go to her class Halloween Party after some light teasing. When she arrives, she stops a older boy from harassing a classmate of hers.

At a midpoint in the first chapter, a gelatinous monster is seen wreaking havoc in Tokyo. She is almost crushed by falling steel beams when Aoi Shibuya saves her at the last minute, transforming him into a Mew Mew. She is taken to safety by him and watches as he attmepts to defeat the monster. After Shizuka Yoyogi appears and defeats the monster, Anzu is taken by the two of them to a nearby roof, where her aunt appears - who is apparently involved in the new Mew Mew project.

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Anzu is unique, kind, and boisterous. Her friends find her interest is endangered animals to be strange at times, but she is never ostracized and happily goes into detail about the biology of animals at any time. She is also very brave and has a strong sense of justice; she wastes no time protecting a vulnerable classmate from a boy at her class Halloween party.


Anzu has long, wavy light-colored hair with choppy bangs. She is usually seen in her school uniform - a dark blazer with a white button up, a plaid skirt and matching tie, and tall black socks.


At the time of writing, Anzu has no abilities outside the range of a normal human.


  • Anzu's name means "Apricot", while her last name, Hinata, means "Sunny place"
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