Ryou Shirogane as Alto

Ryou Shirogane as Alto

Only Ichigo Momomiya and Ryou Shirogane can change into their cat forms. Ichigo needs to kiss somebody to change back. Ryou can change freely, but he can only stay in the cat form for ten minutes, or else he will stay in the cat form forever. Ryou made his name in the cat form as Alto. In the cat form, they can be as flexible as cats and move here and there faster.


Ichigo Momomiya is a small, black cat, with pink eyes, a bell collar at her neck and a bow with a bell in the middle. Ryou Shirogane as Alto is a small light grey cat, with grey ears, blue eyes and a green napkin tied to him.
Ichigo Momiyo as a Cat

Ichigo Momomiya in cat form


When Ichigo is in the cat form, there was once a time when a fat cat who liked Ichigo chased her to the bridge and she dropped into the river. Luckily, Alto saved her. Then another time, Ichigo was following a female dog to turn back to her human form, but the female's boyfriend stepped in and defended the female. Alto came back and brought her out of trouble, kissed her, and she was back to human. Ichigo picked Alto up to give him some cat food as a reward, then he was out of time and turned back to a human. That was when Ichigo finally knew what happened to Ryou in the past by asking Keiichiro Akasaka.