Duke is the main antagonist in the manga series Tokyo Mew Mew à la Mode, and the leader of the Saint Rose Crusaders.


Duke, attracted to loneliness and silent cries for help, finds four children that were shunned from society due to them having special powers. Duke convinces all four to join the Saint Rose Crusaders and becomes their leader.

In the second volume Duke does succeed in turning Tasuku against Berry. However by the end Berry and Tasuku's love manages to warm Duke's heart, and Duke sees the trouble that has happened. Duke advises the Saint Rose Crusaders to enjoy the feeling of warmth in the air.


Duke prefers to not be seen and is extremely mysterious. Duke believes that the world is corrupt and would be better if it were made more elegant and intelligent.


Duke wears a white robe and cone-shaped, pointed headdress. Duke has long dark hair. It is unclear of Duke's gender.


  • While some people mistake Duke's wardrobe as a Ku Klux Klan outfit, it's suppose to resemble a capirote, a pointed hat worn by Spanish Christian priests during Easter. This ties into the definition of the name "Saint Rose Crusaders".
  • All of the Saint Rose Crusaders' codenames are based on different breeds of roses. Duke is named after the Duke of Edinburgh Rose.
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