Happy Child is a character in the manga series Tokyo Mew Mew à la Mode. He is a member of the Saint Rose Crusaders, a group of humans who are the primary antagonists in the series.


In the flashback where the Crusaders first met their leader Duke, Happy Child attempts to commit suicide by jumping off the roof. The others call out to him, using the name Utamaro (歌麿), but they are not able to stop him. Duke saves him by catching him when he goes over the roof's edge. He is the first to show himself to the Mew Mews when he retrieves Royal Highness. He makes his main appearance during the second attack on Berry Shirayuki.


Happy Child is able to teleport himself, float in mid-air, speak directly into other people's minds, and attack with ultra-sonic waves.


  • All of the Saint Rose Crusaders' codenames are based on different breeds of roses. Happy Child is named after the Happy Child Rose. His given name, Utamaro / 歌麿, is also named after a rose.
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