Masha is one of the characters in the one-shot manga, Tokyo Black Cat Girl, and is a robot which acts as an intergalactic police officer. He arrives on Earth to inform Hime Azumi of the invasion of the Bagu.

Appearance and Personality

Unlike the Masha seen in Mia Ikumi's other manga, Tokyo Mew Mew, this Masha seems to have a bit of a temper and can talk in complete sentences. Masha looks identical to the Masha from Tokyo Mew Mew, but it is unknown what color this Masha is due to there being no colored illustrations of Tokyo Black Cat Girl released. However, it is known that he is a darker shade than Masha.


Masha can fly, shrink, erase Bagu victims' memories, and fix damage to the environment caused by attacks. It said in the TokyoPop version of the manga that he also programmed Hime to speak "Edo," but Kodansha properly translates it as that it makes her act like an "eddoko" .

Near the end of the story, Masha was severely injured, but he survives.


  • Seeing as Masaya Aoyama does not exist in Tokyo Black Cat Girl, it is unknown where this Masha's name came from. The Masha from Tokyo Mew Mew was originally named R2000, but nicknamed "Masha" after Masaya.
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