Minto Aizawa is a character in the manga and anime series Tokyo Mew Mew, and one of the main heroines of the story. She is the second Mew Mew to be introduced and her D.N.A is merged with the blue lorikeet.


Minto's Childhood

When Minto was a child, she would show her dancing to her older brother. But one day, her brother was taken to a prestigious school. They never spoke to one another much afterward. Besides that, Minto had a wonderful childhood. She used to see her parents often inside her home before they became focused on work. Minto was learning Ballet as a little girl and was becoming a very good dancer. She had many recitals and shows. She was a starter ballerina but soon became a Prima Ballerina.

Tokyo Mew Mew

Minto is actually afraid of being hurt and as a result she quits the Mew Project but shortly returns. Minto lives in a large mansion with her brother and unnamed parents, along with a Nanny who cares for Minto due to her parents being away. She also owns a small dog, Mickey, who turns into a Chimera Anima and is the cause of Minto's first transformation into a Mew Mew.

Minto is a very strong admirer of Zakuro Fujiwara and is sad when Zakuro initially refuses to join the Mew Mews. When Zakuro eventually decides to join the Mew Project, Minto is extremely happy. Many fans believe that Minto is in love with Zakuro but it's quite common for fan-girls in Japan to idolize someone famous to the point that they love them (both in a romantic way or otherwise).


Minto was initially depicted as spoiled, snobbish, and self-centered because of her wealth (like most rich girls), but is later shown to really be an empathetic, kind, and loving person who cares deeply about her friends.

She idolizes Zakuro Fujiwara, who frequently influences Minto's decisions as a Mew Mew. Zakuro is also one of the few people Minto is nice to the most, which proves that she is a kind and loving girl on the inside.

Minto is, despite her relatively small size, extremely headstrong and can be very powerful when cooperating with her teammates. She enjoys dancing, particularly in the style of ballet. Her favorite food is French food and scones. She slightly dislikes common food (i.e. fast food, canned food, etc.) but will eat it if given to her.


Mew Minto


Minto has blue-grey hair that is seen often in buns. She wears a mid-thigh formal black dress with tights and black pumps.

Cafe Mew Mew

Minto's waitress uniform is a blue color scheme that is similar to the other waitresses outfits.

Mew Mew

When changing into Mew Mint, Minto's hair changes from blue-grey to dark blue and keeps it in buns. Her eyes change from brown to deep blue. She wears a short aquamarine dress that only reaches past her waist. She has garters of the same color with dark blue lacing on her arms and left leg. She has a choker, the same color as her outfit, with her Mew Pendant hangs off of. She has blue gloves and ankle boots. She has a dark blue feathered tail and wings. Her Mew Mark is a pair of bird wings on her back between her shoulder-blades.



Minto's family is very wealthy. She wears expensive clothes and she is the heiress to all of the family's money. However, her mother and father are never at home when she is, and they do not attend her ballet recitals, so Minto spends more time with her Nanny, Baya (The English dub changes this character to be Minto's Grandmother). Minto does not spend a lot of time with her brother, Seiji, either. Though when she was younger he would watch her practice dancing. The family all live together in a mansion. Minto owns a small puppy named Mickey, who she cares about greatly.


As a Civilian

Mint is a talented dancer and is very flexible and gracious. Despite her fragile appearance, she is very enduring. She demonstrates a certain skill in hand-to-hand combat, even if she doesn't show it all the time. She knows how to swim. She seems to have archery skills, as demonstrated by her use of the MinTone Arrow.



Mew Mint Transformation

Mew Mint's Transformation

Minto's transformation references her love and dedication to ballet dancing. During the beginning of the transformation, she kisses her Mew pendant and bends backward gracefully while her DNA morphs. Afterward, she strikes an arabesque pose, twirls, and leaps into the air, trailing bright blue feathers behind her. She begins a series of elaborate ballerina twirls and dance moves while her Mew uniform appears on her body and her wings and tail plumage appear on her back. The transformation concludes with her Mew Pendant bursting from a small encasing of bright blue feathers and Mew Mint striking her finishing pose.

Weapons and Attacks


Mew Mint's Attack

Mew Mint's weapon is the MinTone Arrow and her attack is Ribbon Mint Echo. This attack involves her summoning a bow and arrow out of a windy burst of feathers, charging up a shock-wave, and releasing it into a light pink blade of energy.

Mew Mint's second attack only shown in the manga is when she acquires the Mew Aqua Rod. Her rod is pink and her attack is Mew Aqua Drops.


Name Changes (Manga)

As in most cases, the characters' names in Tokyo Mew Mew went through changes upon translation. For English manga translations, TokyoPop and Kodansha used the food translations for both the characters' names and Mew Mew names. For the Singapore English translation, publisher Chuang Yi chose to keep both the civilian and secret identity names.

Language Title Publisher Name Mew Name
Japanese Tokyo Mew Mew Kodansha Minto Aizawa Mew Mint
English Tokyo Mew Mew TokyoPop & Kodansha Mint Aizawa Mew Mint
English (Singapore) Tokyo Mew Mew Chuang Yi Minto Aizawa Mew Mint

Name Changes (Anime)

Tokyo Mew Mew was dubbed and localized in many different languages. The names of the characters were also subject to change. Many of the dubs that didn't use Minto/Mint or Corina often translated their words for "Mint" as her first name; for example, Bò-Hé, and Menta mean 'mint' in their respective language.

Language Title Name Mew Name Voice Actress
Japanese Tokyo Mew Mew Minto Aizawa Mew Mint Yumi Kakazu
English Mew Mew Power Corina Bucksworth Mew Corina Andi Whaley
Mandarin Dōng Jīng Māo Māo
(Tokyo Cats / Tokyo Mew Mew)
Bò-Hé LánZé Mew Mew
Lín Měi-Xiù
Cantonese (TVB Dub) Dung Ging Miu Miu
(Tokyo Mew Mew)
Bok-Ho LaamJaak Mew
Ng Siu-Ngai
Cantonese (ATV Dub) Maau Maau Jin Deui
(Cat Team / Mew Mew Team)
Bok-Ho LaamJaak Mew
Ng Siu-Ngai
Italian Mew Mew Amiche Vincenti
(Mew Mew Winning Friends)
Mina Aizawa Mew Mina Emanuela Pacotto
Korean Berry Berry Mew Mew Mint Ju Mew Mint Jeongmi Bae
Indonesian Tokyo Mew Mew Minto Aizawa Mew Minto N/A
Hebrew Tokyo Mew Mew Minto Aizawa Mew Minto Eti Castro
Brazilian Portuguese As Super Gatinhas
(The Super Kittens)
Corina Bucksworth (None) Priscila Concépcion
Portuguese (Season 1) Mew Mew Power Corina Bucksworth Mew Corina Claudia Gaiolas
Portuguese (Season 2) Tokyo Mew Mew Menta Aizawa Mew Menta Ana Vieira
Danish Mew Mew Power Minto Aizawa Mew Minto Gry Trampedach
Thai Tokyo Mew Mew Mint Aizawa Mew Mint Viphada Jatuyosporn
Albanian (Albania Production) Vajzat Mjau - Mbrojtëset e Planetit
(Mew Girls - Defenders of the Planet)
Korina Bucksworth Mjau Korina Manjola Merlika
Albanian ("Jess" Discographic) Luftëtaret Mace
(Cat Warriors)
Mina Aizawa Mjau Mina Eneida Rabdishta
Hungarian Vadmacska Kommandó
(Wildcat Commando)
Corina Bucksworth (None) Ilona Molnár
Latino Spanish Miau Miau Power
(Mew Mew Power)
Corina Bucksworth Miau Corina Claudia Chavarro
French Mew Mew Power Corina Dujardin De Montéclair (None) Nathalie Hugo
Dutch Mew Mew Power Corina Bucksworth Mew Corina N/A
Serbian Družina Mjau - Mjau / Mjau - Mjau Tokio
(Mew Mew Team / Tokyo Mew Mew Team)
Korina Bucksworth Mjau Korina Vladislava Đorđević
Croatian Mijau Mijau Družina
(Mew Mew Team)
Korina Bucksworth Mjau Korina N/A
Bulgarian Силата Миу Миу / Silata Mew Mew
(Mew Mew Power)
Corina Bucksworth Mew Corina N/A
Greek Mew Mew Power Corina Bucksworth (None) Chrysa Samara
Turkish Mew Mew Power / Sihirli Kızlar
(Magical Girls)
Corina Bucksworth Mew Corina N/A


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  • According to her official profile for the Playstation game, she is a 1st-year middle schooler, same as Ichigo. However, since Minto's birthday is October 3rd, Minto is older, and would age to 13 by that date. The Japanese school year begins in April and ends in late March, meaning Minto ages to 13 not long after the series begins.
  • The blue lorikeet (Vini peruviana) is a small parrot from the Cook Islands and French Polynesia. It is currently listed as "vulnerable" on the IUCN Red List, with an average wild population of 5,000-7,000.

    In Tokyo Mew Mew (left), Minto thinks of a dancer she admires, but Corina in Mew Mew Power (right) thinks of Renée.

  • In an episode of Mew Mew Power, Corina says she sings karaoke, but in Tokyo Mew Mew, Minto says she can't sing.
  • In Tokyo Mew Mew, while it does seem that Minto has a crush on Zakuro, In Japan, it is common to idolize Japanese singers or models like Minto does.
  • In Mew Mew Power, Corina's fixation on Renee has been toned down, yet her attraction to men has been cut out completely, as seen in the picture to the left. Either way, Corina seems to be more infatuated with Renee than Minto was ever with Zakuro.
  • There is a constant goof in the anime where Minto's hair suddenly becomes the color of her Mew Mew form for a few scenes, then reverting back to normal. The same happens with her eyes, changing them from brown to blue in some scenes for a while. At one point in the anime, Minto's eyes became bright pink whilst being Mew Mint.
  • Minto tends to avoid work by saying that she does a "taste test" for the tea, much to the irritation of Ichigo. She also overconfidently mentioned how she came to the Café earlier, despite this not compensating at all for the lack of work she does.
    • In fact, Minto almost never works once in the Café throughout the entire anime, with the only instances being when it is overworked and she is shown in the background dealing with orders. She also usually covers for Ichigo whenever she is absent and usually holds it over her every chance she gets.


Japanese school system page. ("School year starts in April and ends in March.")

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