Royal Highness is a member of the Saint Rose Crusaders and is the first to reveal himself to the Mew Mews.


Royal Highness is extremely proper and polite, though vicious when it comes to attacking Berry and the rest of the Mews. He is somewhat vain about his appearance and refers to himself as beautiful. He is also very hotheaded and seems to enjoy fighting very much.


Royal Highness typically wears a long overcoat with a handkercheif tucked into the neck. He has fancy ruffles in a sort of skirtlike fashion. He wears glasses, a top hat and a tuxedo mask. Royal Highness' hair is chin length.


Royal Highness is able to use telekenisis. At one point, he uses mass hynosis to convince all of Tokyo that the Mew Mews are evil. He also tries to use hypnosis on Berry to give her a "painless" death.



  • Royal Highness poses as a guest lecturer at Berry's school under the name Yuzen Akizuki. While he is being introduced at the school, it is stated that he graduated from an overseas university and is a Nobel Peace Prize candidate, though its unknown if this was part of his cover or true.
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