Shintaro Momomiya is one of the supporting characters in the manga and anime series Tokyo Mew Mew.

Appearance and Personality

Shintaro is a handsome man. He has pitch black, spiky hair, tan skin, and cold, gray eyes.

Shintaro is rather strict and tempermental towards Ichigo, but only because he wants to protect her. Shintaro is actually very caring despite his outward appearance. Shintaro hates Masaya Aoyama, Ichigo's boyfriend, for some unknown reason, while Sakura Momomiya, Ichigo's mother, is fine with their relationship.

Shintaro is also very childish and he starts fights with Ichigo. He overreacts whenever Ichigo is late or if anyone mentions Masaya. In one point in the anime, he even challenged Masaya to a kendo match, but Ichigo stopped them the very same way Sakura stopped her father during a fight with her father and Shintaro.

In Mew Mew Power, it was shown he has a liking to a movie called The Reluctant Samurai.


  • "Shintaro" means "humility", "be careful" or "discrete" (shin), "thick" or "plump" (ta) and "son" (rou).
  • While most MMP dubs didn't give him a name (except for dubs that managed to finish the series that kept his original name) the French dub gave him the name Sabastian.

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