Shizuka Yoyogi is a character from the spin-off manga Tokyo Mew Mew Olé!, and a main protagonist of the series. He is the second Mew to be introduced, and is infused with Amazon river dolphin DNA.


Tokyo Mew Mew Olé!

Shizuka appears late in the first chapter to battle the gelatinous monster. He uses a water attack, catching Anzu and Aoi's attention from the ground, before entering the fray.

After the defeat of the monster, Shizuka takes Anzu and Aoi to a rooftop to offer explanations and to introduce them to Natsume.

In the second chapter, he, Anzu, and Aoi search for the third Mew Mew after getting an order to do so from Natsume. They eventually come across a monster. Shizuka's attack is ineffective, as is Aoi's. The fight is only won when Ryusei unlocks his Mew Mew abilities and joins the fight.

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Shizuka is a calm, composed, confident fighter. He sees fighting weak monsters as an annoyance and works to end uninteresting combat as quickly as possible. He has little time for nonsense.

Shizuka is very intelligent and is well aware of it. He considers himself superior to others, especially Aoi, whom he nicknames "neko-chan" ("kitty-cat"). He's also particularly disdainful towards Ryusei because of the latter's dim-wittedness. He doesn't ever seem to be shocked or surprised by anything; he even instantly accepts becoming a Mew Mew and is quick to think about the possible applications of his powers and has learned to be cautious concerning them when he's in civilian form, such as the one time he broke a record in swimming because he was too lost in thought and swam too fast (he broke the timer, claiming that it was faulty).



Shizuka's hair is mid-length in the front and goes down to the bottom of his neck in the back. A long strand of hair above the center of his forehead sticks up. He wears glasses and has a beauty mark to the right of his mouth. He's normally seen in his school uniform: a long-sleeved, light-colored outfit with slightly darker trim at the collar, down the middle, and at the top of his chest pockets.

Mew Mew

As a Mew Mew, Shizuka is confirmed to have pink hair. His hairstyle remains the same and he keeps his glasses. He wears a skimpy, pink top made of thin material that exposes his arms, abdomen, lower sides, and a sliver of his back. He also wears blank pants with a sparkly, dark blue, and swirly pattern. Sticking out of his pants is a long, billowy piece of fabric that resembles a dolphin's tail and goes from white to pink as it goes downwards. In addition, Shizuka wears black gloves.


As a result of his dolphin DNA, Shizuka is able to create powerful blasts of water to attack his enemies. His main attack is called Cutting Silence (Eisei in Japanese). This attack sends a huge column of water blasting upwards. Cutting Silence is not very effective on plant-based Chimera Anima since water only makes them stronger.


  • Shizuka is named after the first two stops in the Chiyoda subway line; Yoyogi-Uehara and Yoyogi-Koen.
  • Shizuka's catchphrase, which he says in almost every fight, is, "Effervescent, enchanting, and with pleasure. Now, if you'd like, shall we be of service?"
  • Shizuka goes to Kaikoma Academy, a prestigious elite school.
  • The Amazon river dolphin (Inia geoffrensis geoffrensis) is a freshwater dolphin native to the Amazon basin. It is the largest species of river dolphin, and also plays a large role in Amazon River folklore as the Encantado - a shapeshifter renowned for its musical ability, seductiveness, and love of sex and parties. It is currently listed as "endangered" on the IUCN Red List, with a population estimated near 9,000.
  • Like Aoi Shibuya, Shizuka is very popular due to his looks. He's even scouted by talent agencies because of it.
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