The StrawBell Bell Version Up in the Playstation game.

The StrawBell Bell Version Up (ストロベルベル バージョン アップ, Sutoroberu Beru Baashon Appu) is the ultimate upgrade to Ichigo's StrawBell Bell. It is created when all of the Mew Mews' weapons and powers are combined into one. This upgrade only appears in the Manga and the Playstation game.

In the manga, it was first created when all the Mew Mews combined their powers when Zakuro's TV interview was attacked by Quiche (the anime version changed this to them just giving the regular StrawBell Bell enough power to defeat the Chimera Anima). And it was the Ribbon Stawberry Check Healing attack that gets rid of the poison cherry tree problem (the anime changes this to all the Mew Mews using their powers at the same time to fix the problem).


The StrawBell Bell Version Up appearing for the first time in the Manga.

This weapon consists of a larger StrawBell Bell with parts of the other Mew Mews' weapons. The two huge wings come from the MinTone Arrow, one of the Lettustanets is in the middle, the purple strips circling around the wings come from the ZaCross Whip and the hoola hoops come from the Puring Rings (The game illustrators most likely forgot that Mew Pudding's weapon was hoola hoops in the original manga series instead of tambourines.). Ichigo stands in the middle of the two hoops while attacking.

In the manga, the design is the same except the bell is missing.


There are 3 known attacks from this weapon which are:

Ichigo with the Strawberry Bell Version Up after attacking.

  • Ribbon Strawberry Check Surprise! (Manga only)
  • Ribbon Strawberry Check Healing!
  • Ribbon Strawberry Excellent! (Playstation game only)


  • Just like with the StrawBell Bell, the original Japanese pun for the weapon name still applies.
  • TokyoPop translates the weapon as "Strawberry Bell Bell Version Up" in its first appearance but says Bell once in other appearances. Kodansha also calls it "Strawberry Bell Bell Version Up" and keeps the name every time it appears, which is the original intent without the pun.
  • The StrawBell Bell Version Up isn't the only thing that results from the Mew Mews gathering all their power together. In volume 6 of the manga, their combining powers created the Mew Berry Rod. In Volume 7, their combining powers created gigantic wings so they could fly to the alien base. In the Playstation game, their combining powers also created different group attacks.
  • In the manga, Ichigo uses the StrawBell Bell Version Up to defeat the Chimera Moth that attacked Tokyo Tower. In the manga, when Mint uses the Mew Aqua Rod, the Mew Aqua was only used to clean the pollution caused by the Chimera Moth but it has no affect on the Chimeras themselves (the anime changes this to Ichigo using the Mew Aqua to get rid of both the pollution and the moth).
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