Sweet Juliet is a character in the manga series Tokyo Mew Mew à la Mode, and member of the Saint Rose Crusaders.


Sweet Juliet is the only Crusader whose job is mentioned: He is a television drama actor. According to Blue Bayou, he is a "genius" in the field. Sweet Juliet is shown to tune things out when he cannot understand something.

For his part in the final attack on the Mew Mews, Sweet Juliet disguises himself as an announcer named "Otome Sakuragasumi", who gives an enthusiastic report of the Mew Mews saving the day.

Sweet Juliet claims to feel bad for Berry Shirayuki towards the end of the series, when the plan successfully causes the public to attack Berry for "making the Mew Mews evil", but he also notes that he "guesses" Berry deserves it.


  • Tokyopop mistranslated Sweet Juliet's gender in the English Tokyo Mew Mew manga. He is referred to as a girl, even though he was wearing a boy's uniform with the other Saint Rose Crusaders when they were in that school in the flashback panels in the manga.
  • All of the Saint Rose Crusaders' codenames are based on different breeds of roses. Sweet Juliet is named after the Sweet Juliet Rose.
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