Tokyo Mew Mew – Tojo Shin Mew Mew! – Minna Issho ni Gohoshi Suru Nyan is the name of a PS1 Tokyo Mew Mew video game. It was only released in Japan. A new Mew Mew, named Ringo Akai, is introduced, and the girls must battle to defeat Gâteau du Roi, the game's main antagonist.


The game follows the Mew Mews as they meet a lonely girl named Ringo Akai. Her mother is deceased and though she lives with her brother, her only proper friend is her pet penguin Yuki. As the game progresses, Ringo warms up to the Mew Mews and they become good friends.

Gâteau du Roi, the game's main antagonist, orders Quiche to kidnap Ringo Akai in an attempt to distract the other Mew Mews from his real plan, which was to turn all the Red Data animals on the nature preserve island Ringo lives on into Chimera Animas. The aliens invade the island in search of Mew Aqua. Ringo's Mew Aqua pendant necklace was given to her by her dead mother is used to transform Ringo into Mew Ringo when Yuki is transformed into a chimera anima.

In the end, Gâteau was moved by the Mew Mews' support for each other and decided he did not want to be evil anymore. He died with the last Chimera Anima he created.

Ichigo talking about her friends.

Chimera Animas

These are the Chimera Animas that appear in the Tokyo Mew Mew Playstation game:

  • Chimera Arctic Wolf
  • Chimera Crow
  • Chimera Fox
  • Chimera Kiwi
  • Chimera Mouse
  • Chimera Penguin
  • Chimera Pigeon
  • Chimera Rabbit
  • Chimera Scorpion
  • Chimera Skunk

Creation and Reception

Both Ringo Akai and Gâteau du Roi were created by the original manga's artist, Mia Ikumi, following design specifications from Takara. Ikumi was pleased with how both characters turned out and expressed an interest in using Ringo as a regular character in a manga series in the future. Ikumi was also asked to name some of the weapons Ringo uses in the game: the Appletick and the Mew Pendant.


Tokyo Mew Mew group transformation ps game~nya!

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