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Tokyo Mew Mew New is an upcoming anime adaption of the Tokyo Mew Mew manga. The anime will be released in the year 2022, with Yamada Yuka being the director.


On February 22nd, 2020, a teaser website appeared, the only content was a countdown timer and mention of an upcoming announcement referred to as "Tokyo Mew Mew New".

Details about the new project were scarce. The countdown timer ended on April 2nd, 2020, revealing that Tokyo Mew Mew would be receiving a new anime adaption called Tokyo Mew Mew New. 2 hours later, Nakayoshi also announced the news.

Aside from the title, very little is currently known about the new project, though the official website revealed that Pony Canyon's voice acting office, Swallow, is holding auditions to find a brand new voice actress to play Ichigo Momomiya. The winner of the auditions will also be performing as an in-character idol in the upcoming "Tokyo Mew Mew New" idol group called "Smewthie".


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