Ucha is the second robot created by Ryou Shirogane and Keiichiro Akasaka after Masha.

Appearing only in the sequel manga to Tokyo Mew Mew, Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode, the R3000 is given to Berry Shirayuki after she faints after becoming a Mew Mew. Ryou puts it in her bag, and she names the robot Ucha.

Appearance and Personality

Ucha has a completely different appearance to Masha. His body is a strawberry, and he has large creamy white bunny ears and small white wings. He has small arms and legs and a small face with tiny black eyes. Like Masha, Ucha is always blushing.

When Ucha transforms into a Berry's weapon, a staff, it has an upside-down strawberry at the end. The top of the staff has large strawberry and is surrounded by bunny heads.

Ucha complains a lot and is sometimes rude to Berry. Sometimes he even insults Berry for not doing tasks properly.


Ucha as Berry's weapon

Ucha has similar abilities to Masha, but unlike Masha, Ucha can speak in full sentences. He can detect when enemies such as the aliens or the Chimera Animas are around. Also, Ucha transforms into Berry's staff which she uses to fight her battles. It is unnamed but some fans call it the "Raspberry Rod", "Cranberry Wand", and the "Loveberry Staff".


  • Both Masha and Ucha can transform into weapons to help assist their owners in battles (Ucha becomes Berry's main weapon, and Masha becomes the Mew Aqua Rod).
  • In volume 4, page 21, at the bottom of the page, on Ichigo's shirt, it looks like an early idea for Ucha.

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