The ZaCross Whip gathering power during Zakuro's attack sequence.

The ZaCross Whip (ザクロスホイップ, Zakurosu Hoippu) is what Mew Zakuro uses as her main weapon. It was unnamed in the manga but the name of the weapon was only mentioned in episode 26 of the anime.


ZaCross Whip - Manga

The ZaCross Whip in the 1st Manga series.

Zakuro's weapon is a small, light purple stick with golden indentations and a glowing pink heart. In the heart in the middle of the golden part has Ichigo's Mew Mark. When in use, the golden indentations rotate until it's horizontal, creating a cross-shaped weapon.

In Mew Mew Power, the cross part of the weapon is edited out making it baton-shaped.

In the manga, the ZaCross Whip is a plain, cross-shaped object with no detail that has the ability to stretch out into a whip. The weapon stays cross-shaped, even before using it to attack. In A la Mode, the weapon gets changed to the anime version's design.


Name Changes (Manga)

The manga itself didn't directly say Mew Zakuro's weapon name, only being shown in extra materials and merchandise given as freebies with Nakayoshi magazine. TokyoPop dropped the pun altogether.

Language Title Publisher Weapon Name Attack Name
Japanese Tokyo Mew Mew Kodansha ZaCross Whip Ribbon ZaCross Pure!
English (TokyoPop) Tokyo Mew Mew TokyoPop Zakuro Whip Ribbon Zakuro Pure!
English (Kodansha) Tokyo Mew Mew Kodansha ZaCross Whip Ribbon ZaCros Pure!
Ribbon ZaCross Pure! (A la Mode)
English (Singapore) Tokyo Mew Mew Chuang Yi ZaCross Whip Ribbon ZaCross Pure!
Ribbon ZaCrose Pure! (Alternate Spelling)

Name Changes (Anime)

Due to the confusion in the pun, no known dub of the anime has attempted to properly translate Mew Zakuro's weapon and attack name. Most uncut dubs drop the "cross" part of the pun, while others come up with their own weapon and attack names. 4Kids didn't give her an attack name. They also never stated her weapon name in the anime, only revealing it in promotional materials. Because of this, some dubs that came from the 4Kids version never gave her a weapon or attack name.

Language Title Weapon Name Attack Name
Japanese Tokyo Mew Mew ZaCross Whip Ribbon ZaCross Pure!
English Mew Mew Power Purple Dagger None
Mandarin Dōng Jīng Māo Māo
(Tokyo Cats / Tokyo Mew Mew)
N/A Ribbon Shí-Liú Pure!
(Ribbon Pomegranate Pure!)
Cantonese (TVB Dub) Dung Ging Miu Miu
(Tokyo Mew Mew)
Sek-Lau Whip
(Pomegranate Whip)
Pomegranate Ribbon!
Cantonese (ATV Dub) Maau Maau Jin Deui
(Cat Team / Mew Mew Team)
Sek-Lau Whip
(Pomegranate Whip)
Ribbon Sek-Lau Pure!
(Ribbon Pomegranate Pure!)
Italian Mew Mew Amiche Vincenti
(Mew Mew Winning Friends)
Pam's Whip Ribbon of Energy!
Korean Berry Berry Mew Mew Ruby Magic Whip Ribbon Ruby Light of Passion!
Hebrew Tokyo Mew Mew Wolf Spear None (Season 1)
Wolf Spear! (Season 2)
Brazilian Portuguese As Super Gatinhas
(The Super Kittens)
Whip None
Portuguese (Season 1) Mew Mew Power Unnamed None
Portuguese (Season 2) Tokyo Mew Mew Pomegranate Whip Pomegranate Spear!
Danish Mew Mew Power Purple Dagger None
Thai Tokyo Mew Mew ZaCross Whip Ribbon ZaCross Pure!
Albanian (Albania Production) Vajzat Mjau - Mbrojtëset e Planetit
(Mew Girls - Defenders of the Planet)
Unnamed None
Albanian ("Jess" Discographic) Luftëtaret Mace
(Cat Warriors)
Pam's Whip Ribbon of Energy!
Hungarian Vadmacska Kommandó
(Wildcat Commando)
Magic Whip None
Latino Spanish Miau Miau Power
(Mew Mew Power)
Purple Dagger None
French Mew Mew Power Whip of Destiny Unnamed (1st Attack, Season 1)
Sharp Whip Lash!
Dutch Mew Mew Power Purple Dagger N/A
Serbian Družina Mjau - Mjau / Mjau - Mjau Tokio
(Mew Mew Team / Tokyo Mew Mew Team)
Magic Cross Whip None (Season 1)
Magic Cross Whip! (Season 2)
Croatian Mijau Mijau Družina
(Mew Mew Team)
Bulgarian Силата Миу Миу / Silata Mew Mew
(Mew Mew Power)
Unnamed None
Greek Mew Mew Power Unnamed None
Turkish Mew Mew Power / Sihirli Kızlar
(Magical Girls)
Purple Dagger None


  • Due to censorship, 4Kids Entertainment edited the attack sequence and overall appearance of the weapon to no longer have a cross shape.
  • In the English dub Mew Mew Power, the weapon is called a Purple Dagger.
  • The name of the Weapon is suppose to be a pun, combining the Japanese katakana spellings of Zakuro and Cross (kurosu), thus making Zakurosu (Zacross).
  • Some translators use an alternate form of spelling of her weapon, which is spelt Zakuross.
  • The ZaCross Whip, when it is cross-shaped, symbolizes that Zakuro is a Christian.
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